Pay per Lead Services: What's in It for You

Lead generation is a win-win scenario for most businesses that don't have enough time or resources to invest into digital marketing.

Our lead generation services are risk-free for you - we don't lock you into a long-term contract, instead, we offer you a no obligation trial. All you need to do is commit to purchasing an agreed number of leads, at a negotiated cost per lead generated, over a fixed period of time.

There are no obligations. At the end of the trial period, we will discuss the outcomes, revise the cost per click (if necessary) and then - the decision is yours.

You only pay for the leads. There are no extra or hidden costs, no set up fees and no ongoing expenses.

We are currently looking for a partner who is interested in purchasing auto loan leads

The company we have been supplying leads to for the last 7 years has recently employed an in-house lead generation specialist, so we have a campaign with proven results ready to go for you.

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What is a lead?

A lead is an enquiry (or some other desirable action - a phone call, download, newsletter subscription, etc.) from a potential customer. Basically, it's any person who shows interest in your products or services. Every lead is precious because each has the potential to become a paying client.

The more leads we can generate, the more profitable your lead generation campaign will be.

"How do you generate leads?" the most common question we get asked by our potential clients.

Firstly, we'd like to make it absolutely clear that we possess no "secret knowledge", nor is there an overly complicated methodology involved in our processes. We generate leads through various well-known pay-per-click (predominantly via Google Ads and Bing Ads) and social media platforms.

The key to our success and the main difference between Pro Internet Marketing and other lead generation agencies is that we have been professionally managing numerous online lead generation campaigns since 2005.

This doesn't necessarily make us the best lead generation company in Australia, but it definitely guarantees that we know the most cost-effective lead generation funnels, latest lead generation techniques and best practices, inside-out.

That's What Some of Our Lead Generation Clients Say:
iHealth Saunas
Alex Tyson, Business Owner

"I was very impressed with the number of leads generated and it showed how capable Joseph is. It felt like he could literally 'wind up or down' the amount of leads coming through."

Australian Property Investor
Toby Primrose, Managing Director * written in 2008 during GFC

... in this tough market I would be out of business if it was not for the leads I receive as a direct consequence of your efforts.

Business Money
Bernadine Geary, Managing Director

"Pro Internet Marketing has been assisting Business Money with our website and has yielded excellent results. The team is attentive, helpful and resourceful.
It isn't often that you get to deal with a business that really puts the clients' needs first. I highly recommend Pro Internet Marketing as an online marketing service provider."

Lanyana Financial Group
Shane Edwards, Chief Executive Officer

"The Pro Internet team supplied us with debt management leads for a number of years. The team proactively worked with us to optimise the campaigns to ensure the arrangement was beneficial for both parties.
I would highly recommend Joseph and his team if you are looking to generate enquiries and grow your business."

Examples of Our Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Generation for Infrared Saunas Online
Infrared Saunas Online

started: June 2020

visit Infrared Saunas Online
Lead Generation for Debt Help 24/7
Debt Help 24/7

started: May 2013

visit Debt Help 24/7
Lead Generation for Business Money
Business Money

started: September 2006

visit Business Money
Lead Generation forCar Loans 24/7
Car Loans 24/7

Started: November 2008


visit Car Loans 24/7
Lead Generation for Better Insulation
Better Insulation

started: March 2014

visit Better Insulation
Lead Generation for Virtual Offices 24/7
Virtual Offices 24/7

started: October 2019

visit Virtual Offices 24/7

How Lead Generation Works for You?

Our ultimate goal is to develop a tailored lead generation campaign which is built around your business objectives and has the intention of generating leads that are ready to "strike a deal", so you basically just need to close the sale.

Initially, we start by collaborating with you (and your sales team) by asking about your previous experience with leads. We would then carry out extensive research and analysis, so that even before we commence putting your campaign together, we know exactly who your online competitors are, who your ideal customer is, where they spend time and how they behave online.

One of the most important parts of our lead generation service is a dedicated website (or landing page). Based on our research findings, we will build a website that not only showcases your products and services, but also educates and guides prospective clients to taking the next step, ultimately converting them into leads.

Our aim is to retain you as a customer for as long as possible, so our job is keeping you satisfied by generating leads that meet your expectations.

Our lead generation services are based on three key principles:


To place your products and services directly in front of your ideal target audience


To explain to potential customers why they should do business with you when they are looking for someone like you to do business with


To create compelling offers which convert the prospective clients into paying clients

Make Your Prospects Chase You

Unlike many other lead generation companies that use cold calling, offline advertising, massive un-targeted mailing lists and trade shows (known as outbound lead generation), we purely concentrate on online (inbound) lead generation.

Outbound lead generation is designed to initiate contact with the potential customer; however, there is no guarantee that the target actually needs your products or services at the time of contact.

Furthermore, in the last two decades of cold calling, e-mail spam and shady marketing offers, consumers are becoming increasingly hesitant to respond.

Therefore, the vast majority of such efforts could be an absolute waste of your money.

In contrast, our lead generation services are intended to target prospective customers who want to deal with you now - you can be assured that most of the people we reach are actively looking (searching) for your products or services.

See the difference?
No money wasted - you only pay for actual qualified leads.

Pay for Quality, Not Quantity - You Set the Criteria

One of our long-term lead generation clients - a car loan company - has fairly strict quality criteria for their leads. A few of these include:

  • No bad credit ratings
  • No unemployed people
  • No loans less than $10,000

Our intention for this lead generation campaign has been to eliminate as many leads that don't meet the above criteria as possible. On average, we have been (and still are) generating over 150 quality leads every month.

This may look to you like a small number, however, due to the firm quality parameters we've been constantly maintaining, the quality of the leads remains very high, so the client's conversion rate for turning the leads to actual borrowers has consistently been over 30% for several years (with the exception of the four month period during the COVID lockdown, when we had to stop the campaign altogether).

This is just one example of a successful lead generation marketing strategy we developed and are still managing. Based on your requested filtering quality criteria, we will be able to tailor the type of lead we generate. Your only job is to deal with the leads we send your way.

There may be times where unsatisfactory/fake/marketing/repeated leads may come through but:

  • it would be a relatively small percentage and
  • we won't expect you to pay for such leads

Actual CPL v. Estimated CPL

Most online calculators compute a cost-per-lead (CPL) based on the lead generation (usually paid search) campaign outcomes and use the following formula:

CPL = Customer Acquisition Cost [per period of time]/Number of Leads [per period of time]

This calculation works perfectly when you do PPC advertising yourself and run your campaigns for some time.

However, if you decide to outsource your lead generation to an agency, you can't (in advance) quantify how many leads will be generated over a given period of time, so the above method doesn't work.

That's why we developed our very own Cost-Per-Lead Estimator (below), which allows you to calculate the maximum amount you can afford to pay per lead and still meet your financial objectives.

How Much Should You Pay Per Lead?

Calculating a cost per lead which will work for you is a relatively easy task, all you need to know is:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Expected Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Average Conversion Rate (CR)

The formula is: CLV*((100-ROI)/100)*(CR/100)

If your CLV is $1,000 and your estimated CR is 5%, then to achieve an expected ROI of 40% you would pay up to $30 per lead.


Call us on 1300 900 800 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Cost Per Lead Estimator

Will Our Lead Generation Services Work for You?

If you have any questions about our lead generation services, don't hesitate to call 1300 900 800 to chat one-on-one or get in touch online.