Why Content is King

Website copywriting has never been as important as it is today - it's much more than writing compelling content. SEO copywriting is a vital part of content marketing (a distinct essential digital marketing channel).

The main objective of search engine optimisation and pay-per-click marketing is to drive quality traffic to your website, but if you can't convert your visitors into customers, you end up with nothing.

Content marketing comes to play when a visitor lands on one of the pages of your website.

The way you put the right words together, the ability to speak the same language as your visitor, wrap up your message in the most efficient manner and guide your prospects through the copy to a captivating call-to-action – everything contributes to increasing your chance of attaining a conversion, the ultimate goal of your online marketing efforts.

Everyone knows to how to write. Great web copywriters know how to pull together your target audience with your content.

We are Not a Content Marketing Agency

To be honest, content marketing is not our strongest area of expertise, we live and breathe SEO and PPC, however, we clearly understand that without including website copywriting into your digital marketing strategy, we won't be able to achieve your strategic goals.

Nevertheless, we offer great content writing services by partnering with professional, award-winning, talented copywriters whom we have been working with for many years and hold in the highest regard.

We are not paid any commission from the copywriters we engage – we see the true value of the partnership, having professionally written, high-performing content, which is a crucial part of an overall marketing strategy.

We are, however, fully involved in creating your content and oversee the end-to-end copywriting process.

This is Why We Do What We Do
Catalyst Sviation Insurance
Brendan Warner, Managing Director

"Pro Internet told us what they could do for our website and then delivered on their commitment. The results are outstanding. We are able to rely on Pro Internet to respond when needed and their professionalism is top class."

Deague Group
Sheena Kelly, Marketing Manager

"Deague Group have been using Pro Internet Marketing's services since 2005 for website development, management and SEO/Google AdWords.

With a large volume of websites to manage, it was important to find an internet marketing company that could provide the results we required and who also had the ability to work to our tight turn around times. With a heavy focus on enquiry generation and ROI, it was great to see Pro Internet Marketing deliver great results on all these fronts for many of our websites, especially for our serviced office arm of the company.

They are extremely knowledgeable, quick with their responses and always strive to get the best results possible for our business."

New Millennium Dental
Dr. Galina Razbash, Business Owner

"The team came highly recommended by a close friend. Was never disappointed: honest, efficient and responsive team providing a range of services from website design & development to Google Adwords. Thanks, guys!"

Queensland Forklifts
Laurie Harper, Director

"I thought you were building our new website, I discovered that you actually created a 24/7 sales rep pushing work our way Australia wide."

Copywriting is More Than Putting the Words Together

Before engaging a copywriter, we analyse your potential customers, figure out what their search intent is and what problems, thoughts, fears and desires they may have.

Then we learn about your products or services. What they are and how they work, what is your unique selling point and competitive advantage and, most importantly, how they help solve your prospects' problems.

Our job as part of content marketing is to present the copywriter with comprehensive instructions that clearly articulate how to write the copy to ensure it speaks directly to your targeted audience and wraps up your offerings in such a way which makes your potential customers say: "This is for me!"

What We Do

  • We explain your business objectives
  • We identify your ideal potential clients
  • We advise what topics should be covered
  • We supply targeted keyword lists for each topic
  • We fully control on-page SEO execution
  • We create convincing call-to-actions
  • We make sure the copy is goal-focused, persuasive and "scannable"

At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to make sure that the traffic we send to your website is not wasted and that we present your content in the "right way" - driving engagement and increasing your "visitor to customer" conversion rates.

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No matter how well your web content is written, without incorporating content marketing into your overall online marketing strategy, you'll be missing the mark. That's where we, at Pro Internet Marketing, can help.

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