Do You Really Need to Hire a PPC Agency?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is not only the most measurable and optimisable digital marketing channel, it is also the fastest. Unlike search engine optimisation - it can be set up and start producing targeted traffic in a matter of a couple of hours.

Any person can manage a pay per click campaign without engaging a professional PPC marketing company - Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) not only provides plenty of tips and guides, but is also continually adding more automated capabilities that will assist you with setting up and running PPC advertising on your own.

Furthermore, if you are spending a somewhat significant amount of money on an ongoing basis, Google may assign your company a dedicated Google Ads Account Manager, who will review your PPC campaigns and make suggestions on what needs to be tweaked.

Setting PPC in Bing Ads is even easier - Bing allows you to mirror your entire Google Ads account in one go.

Unfortunately, the "good old days" where Google's philosophy was: "Don't Be Evil" are long gone. Nowadays, Google is a money-making machine with one major concern - profit (Bing is the same).

The more money you pay per click, the more profit the search engines make, hence their job is to make you spend more.

The chances are that without a certain level of experience and technical know-how about pay per click advertising, you may end up paying much more than you should.

PPC placements (rankings) are based on a few factors, ranging from the relevance of your targeted keywords and ads and your landing page quality, to the click-through rate and how much you bid for these keywords.

With solid competition in practically every paid online niche, your PPC costs will constantly go up - minimising these costs requires ongoing monitoring, and continued analysis and optimisation of your Google Ads campaigns.

Larger companies can afford handling PPC advertising in-house, however, for most small and medium businesses, outsourcing Google Ads management to a digital marketing agency is a clever and cost-effective solution.

Unless you are running a massive Google Ads account, outsourcing PPC management is not only a much cheaper option than hiring to full-time pay per click marketing manager (average PPC manager salary in Australia is over $83,000 p.a.), it can also save you up to 50% of your PPC costs.

You Can Pay 50% Less and Rank Higher

Let us show you how.

On any given search page, there are only two ads shown above organic results on mobiles and up to four on desktops, however, in most cases there are more than four advertisers competing for the same keywords.

Google Ads model is based on an auction-like system allowing you to bid on a keyword (you set up a maximum amount you are willing to pay per click), so, technically, for your ads to be placed at the top of the page, you have to be amongst the top four bidders.

Achieving one of the top placements ultimately means that one of your competitors is losing their position/rank, so to get back to the top the "loser" must bid higher than you and so on.

Assume that for the above scenario, in order to be ranked #1 the winner has to bid $2. You are bidding $1.02 and are currently placed in the #4 position. Your competitors at #2 and #3 are paying anywhere between $1.02 and $2 per click.

Google gets paid $2 for each of the #1 position clicks and $1.02 for each click on your #4 ad. Now, let's say your ad attracts twice as many clicks as the top ad, so instead of earning $1.02 Google earns $2.04 while your top competitor still only generates $2 per click in Google's revenue.

Guess what happens next...

Google moves your ad to the top! You are still paying $1.02 per click - 50% less than the top bidder is paying, so you now have a massive competitive advantage.

That's why you need us.

Unlike Google who "encourages" you to spend more, we endeavour to make you pay as little as possible for the most proficient outcomes and get the best return on investment.

That's What Some of PPC Clients Say:
WSG Waterproofing Solutions
Brendan Bywaters, Marketing Manager

"Qulaity work delivered on time, solutions that transform your business from website development right to Google Ad Words."

National Healthcare Unity
Joe Vaysman, Founder

"We have been working with Pro Internet Marketing now for many years. They helped grow our business immensely. Very professional, reliable, honest and always up-to-date. Technologically and business-wise very savvy company."

New Millennium Dental
Dr. Galina Razbash, Business Owner

"The team came highly recommended by a close friend. Was never disappointed: honest, efficient and responsive team providing a range of services from website design & development to Google Adwords. Thanks, guys!"

Lanyana Financial Group
Shane Edwards, Chief Executive Officer

"The Pro Internet team supplied us with debt management leads for a number of years. The team proactively worked with us to optimise the campaigns to ensure the arrangement was beneficial for both parties.
I would highly recommend Joseph and his team if you are looking to generate enquiries and grow your business."

Why Choose Us: Better Strategy & Better Execution

Building and managing successful PPC campaigns for our clients is the most important indicator of our own success.


You know exactly how much you pay

Our pricing model is a fixed monthly fee based on how much time (and how often) we need to spend monitoring, analysing and fine-tuning your Google Ads campaigns.

We strongly recommend you stay away from PPC marketing agencies that charge you a percentage based on your spend and get paid more for making you pay more - this doesn't sound right to us.


You pay less over time

Having offered Google AdWords management services since 2004, we have gained profound knowledge and solid expertise on how to optimise and fine-tune PPC campaigns to control and minimise your expenditure.

We understand how to combine a good pay per click strategy with solid execution and ultimately produce superior results.


You see exactly what you pay for

We always set up conversion tracking and link Google Ads with Google Analytics and other analytical tools to get more detailed insight into the performance of your pay per click campaigns.

We also have the ability to accurately measure these results, and manage your PPC advertising in the most effective way by allocating more of the budget to high-performing campaigns.


You deal with a reliable partner

We have been a Certified Google AdWords Partner since 2006 and have effectively managed almost 1,000 PPC campaigns with a combined spend of over $ 9.5 million. We are also a Certified Bing Advertising Partner.

How Much Should You Invest in PPC?

There is no straight answer... In the ideal world, if you could earn $1 for every $1 you invest in PPC (ROI of 200%!), you would invest as much as possible, wouldn't you?

In real life, your PPC spending heavily depends on your ability to handle and fulfil online enquiries.

Let's say your gross profit margin per sale is $1,000. If you are paying (on average) $20 per click, and your conversion rate is 4% , then your cost per client acquisition is $500 (200 leads x 4% x $20 per click) resulting in your desired ROI of 200%.

Can you handle 10 sales a day? If so, then your daily PPC budget should be $5,000, but if you can only satisfy two customers, then you don't want to spend more than $1,000 a day.

After a short period of time managing your PPC campaign, we are able to determine the optimal budget you should allocate to your campaigns. Then we will continue to work on optimising your campaign to lower the cost per click down and improve the conversion rate, so that your ROI will increase without you spending more.

PPC Spend Estimator

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Please bear in mind, you won't get an instantaneous reply from us as we firstly need to check how much Google suggests paying per click on your targeted keywords. You will, however, definitely hear from us within a couple of days.

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