Online marketing is not just a business function, but a process. There is a beginning, middle, but there is never an end.

Founder of Pro Internet MarketingMy name is Joseph Zaritski and I'm the founder of Pro Internet Marketing (Australia).

In 2000 I was involved in a complex online project and came across the term "internet marketing" for the first time. I couldn't care less what it meant - day and night I was anxious with one question:

"Why doesn't the web site I'm working on appear in search engines?"

Almost two years later the web site gained top positions in all major search engines under 50+ highly competitive search terms.

I stared at the screen and couldn't quite believe it was all my own work. I never looked back.

In 2002 I started Pro Internet Marketing and it was the best business decision I ever made.

Pro Internet Marketing

Today Pro Internet Marketing (Australia) is an established Melbourne based Internet marketing company with main focus on:

Pro Internet Marketing (Australia) is a team of devoted Internet savvies and marketing consultants working together to fulfill your online wants and needs.

Even though each of us specialises in different areas of expertise, one thing we all have in common - we love online marketing.

We make great web sites, but we're not in the web site design business.

We are a full scale Internet marketing agency and every project is built around our core Internet marketing expertise.

We understand that although the goals of search engine optimisation are to achieve top rankings, if we can't convert online visitors into customers, then we've failed in accomplishing our online goals.

Whether you call it "internet marketing", "online marketing" or "web marketing", our key objective is to develop your business online.

Pro Internet Marketing - Strategy

Internet marketing is not just building a web site. Our Internet Marketing Strategy involves much more than web design and our efforts don't end with the launch of your site. They only begin.

Most important of all, they begin with the end results in mind.

Our true job is:

  • To create attractive web design with search engines in mind

  • To input in powerful and easy-to-read web content

  • To gain visibility through effective search engine optimisation and search engine marketing

  • To carry out winning multi-level web promotion campaigns by developing a unique Internet marketing strategy and engaging with Social Media Networks

  • To monitor your online performance maintaining and improving your results

Our internet marketing goals are to place your web site directly in front of your ideal target audience and to keep it there, right in the limelight.

Pro Internet Marketing - Expertise

The best proof of our competence is our own online achievements.

Our own web site appears at top positions in Google, Yahoo! and Bing under the search term "internet marketing Australia", competing with hundreds of professional internet marketing companies Australia wide.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy not only works to improve your visibility, but for many of our clients, our efforts have delivered a remarkable increase in sales.

It's in our own best interests to assist you in developing and implementing a high-impact internet marketing strategy to conduct your online business as effectively as possible.

Our company philosophy is simple:

Your internet marketing success is important to us because, without it, we don't have a business.

Internet Marketing For Your Company

High results in Internet Marketing cannot be achieved without your intensive participation from day one.

No one knows your business, understands the benefits of your products or services, or values your target audience more highly than you do.

Having said that, we realise that you, just like most business people, are more likely to be too busy running your company to worry about all of the elements of developing and positioning a web site for targeted traffic and monitoring the outcomes.

So, let us do our job, let us save your time and money by offering you quality Internet marketing services for your needs. Simply send us an e-mail or call us on 03 9863 8377.

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