Web Design - Good Looking versus Smart

Building a website is easy. With a little knowledge of HTML and by utilizing one of the many tools freely available online, anyone can develop a website.

Your nephew (a smart guy, who spends hours on the Internet every day) can design a good-looking web site for your business.

But will your web site do what it's supposed to do?

It is well known, that over 90% of professional web developers and designers are not familiar with Internet marketing and search engine optimisation and pay very little attention to the web design’s functionality.

They usually come from an art background rather than a marketing background and quite often have no knowledge of how to design a web site that sells.

They load your web site with graphics, animation and sound, they use numerous different colours, fancy fonts, dark backgrounds, etc.

But does your web site do what it’s supposed to do and… will your potential customers ever find it?

Planning a web site is not only deciding how it will look on the computer screen, it also involves various concerns, such as:

  • how the site will be structured,
  • which programming language is more appropriate,
  • how individual web pages will be linked to each other and, most importantly,
  • how web design will answer the purpose of your web site.

The bottom line is that your web site should be developed smartly, meet your business objectives and address the critical factors of web design.

It is also extremely important to involve an SEO company in the initial planning of a new website because you never know if the technology that you are going to use may hamper or completely block search engines.

A SEO consultant doesn't need much time to tell you if you are on the right track and it will save you a lot of headache down the line.

Critical Factors Of Web Design

"When you keep your web design simple you increase your reader's ability to follow what you are saying 100%."
D. Schroeder , OverNight

Your web site is successfully designed if:

  • It is quick to download (downloading time under 8 sec is considered excellent).

  • It has good architecture and is easy to navigate.

  • Its layout and design are consistent for each web page.

  • It presents the content in the most readable format.

  • It is focused on your target audience not your own preferences.

  • It allows flexibility to change the content.

  • It is "search-engine-friendly" and easy to find.

  • It is compatible with different browsers.

Your online business does not end with the perfectly designed web site. It begins.

"Search engine friendly" web design is one of the most important aspects of your online success.

Web Design With Search Engines In Mind

Web design directly affects your web site’s online performance.

If search engines "don’t like" or can’t read your web design, it will have a negative impact on your search engine optimisation and ultimately on your search engine ranking. As a result your prospective customers will hardly find you.

At Pro Internet Marketing (Australia), we have spent a great deal of time gathering information from across the Web on how to design high-quality, selling and "search-engine-friendly" web sites.

We know how to make your web site work, how to reach your target audience and how to make sure it’s easily found by your potential clients.

For more information on web design issues visit our Internet Marketing Tips and Internet Marketing Resources sections or you can simply send us an e-mail or call on 1300 900 800.

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