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Nowadays it's difficult do define a small business web site. Your small business can have a web site selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods online every month without you leaving your home.

When we talk about a small business web site, we mean a static (web pages are manually created opposing dynamic web sites that are driven by a database) up to 20 page web site with the main purpose of generating online leads.

Good examples of small business web sites are web sites that we've built for TLC Dental, Nevsky Restaurant, Vitalmark Constructions, Test & Tag Training and many other clients.

"Do you remember how I didn't believe when you said that a web site would benefit my business?

Well, everyone in the trade I spoke to lately was struggling for a job. Apparently our market is very quiet.

Now guess what. We are EXTREMELY busy. Our phone doesn't stop ringing and the quality of phone calls and e-mails is much better than it was.

It'd be fair to say that overall our sales have doubled since you guys have re-designed our web site. BTW, I stopped advertising in Yellow Pages saving myself $16,000 a year for the ad (I've been doing it for 18 years) and further $160 a month for online directory.

Thank you very much for your great job."

Archie Relin
Managing Director
Complete Reupholstery Services

What's included in a Small Business Web Site

If you are interested in getting a small business web site, please request a qoute or contact us via email or on 1300 900 800 for more information.

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