Search Engine Ranking Guarantee

Top Position Guarantee Myth

We can’t guarantee you a place within top 10 or top 20 search engines positions.

In fact, we can’t guarantee any ranking in any particular search engine.

We do not control search engines, hence as one of our fellow Internet marketers said:

"Until the engines guarantee, we will never guarantee either."

Search engine ranking guarantee is a myth.

There are billions of web sites on the Internet and there are only 10 positions on the search engines’ first page for any given key phrase.

Achieving high search engine ranking is a race. Can anyone guarantee that Michael Schumacher wins the next Formula One?

Not one search engine optimisation company can guarantee you a top position in search engines for popular search terms.

Our colleague Jennifer Laycock, the Editor of Search Engine Guide recently wrote in her article:

"The reality is that search engine algorithms change frequently and professional SEOs do not have any say in what these changes are. Realistically, no one can promise that a site that is No.1 today will remain in the No.1 spot after the next update.

Achieving and sustaining top positions is an ongoing battle of trial and error, success and failure. There are no guarantees. Professional SEOs that follow "best practice" techniques realize this and use quality traffic, not site ranking as proof of their success.

So what should be made of companies that promise money-back guarantees for optimization services? They should be judged carefully and the guarantee should not be taken at face value. The guarantee is likely the result of one of three scenarios:

  • The guarantee is offered on non-competitive phrases. Anyone can rank a site in the top ten for a phrase that only faces competition from ten other sites. Unless your site is optimized for phrases that will deliver targeted traffic to your site, a guaranteed top 10 listing will do nothing to contribute to your site’s success.

  • The company offering the guarantee is a fraud. As with any industry, professional SEO has its share of shysters. Just because a company claims to have a money-back guarantee doesn’t mean that they will follow through on that promise. If the company demands full payment upfront and promises a money-back guarantee, consider it a double warning against doing business.

  • The company really is THAT good. There are some professional SEO companies that are so good, that they make this promise and stand by it. Although they may occasionally have to make good on their promise of a refund, the price charged for services from these professionals is usually enough to offset the cost of the few refunds that they may issue. Be warned, these types of firms are the exception, not the rule."

Pro Internet Marketing (Australia) Guarantee

Your search engine ranking will significantly improve in Google, Yahoo & MSN.

We will always strive to achieve and maintain high search engine ranking for your web site.

Your web traffic and conversion rate will considerably increase resulting in more targeted customers and more sales.

What We Never Do

  • We never use the same key phrases for more than one client.
  • We never spam the search engines by using unethical methods and techniques.
  • We never submit web sites automatically.
  • We never use "link farms" or "free-for-all" pages when submitting your web site.
  • We never mislead our customers.

Your Current Search Engine Ranking

You can check your current search engine ranking using Mike’s Search Engine Ranking Report.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you in improving your search engine ranking, simply send us an email or call on 1300 900 800.

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