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Internet Marketing Prices

Our charges vary depending on the scope of the project, tasks you want us to perform and the online competition in your industry.

Based on our experience, search engine optimisation and positioning of an average 10-page web site will cost you about $3,000 that includes:

  • Industry & competition review
  • Recommendations on "serach engines-friendly" web design
  • Web content formatting & editing
  • Meta Tags generation
  • Search engine optimisation (each web page is optimised for a separate key phrase)
  • Search engine positioning
  • Manual submission to online Directories
  • Monitoring, fine-tuning & reporting for 3 months

To get a better idea of potential costs contact Pro-Internet Marketing (Australia) via email or call on 03 9863 8377 or simply complete the form below and we will review your web site and get back to you with our quotation.

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  • your demographic target audience
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