Google's PageRank Explained

What is PageRank

Google PageRank Our clients frequently ask us "how does Google rank web sites?" and "what is PageRank?"

PageRank can be viewed through the Google Toolbar and demonstrates how Google's algorithms assess the importance of the page you're viewing.

Below we publish the excerpt from Google's 2005 Annual Report (filled on the 19th of March 2006) on organic (free) search listings, which explains how some of Google technologies work:

"Our web search technology uses a combination of techniques to determine the importance of a web page independent of a particular search query and to determine the relevance of that page to a particular search query.

We do not explain how we do ranking in great detail because some people try to manipulate our search results for their own gain, rather than in an attempt to provide high-quality information to users.

Ranking Technology

One element of our technology for ranking web pages is called PageRank. While we developed much of our ranking technology after Google was formed, PageRank was developed at Stanford University with the involvement of our founders, and was therefore published as research. Most of our current ranking technology is protected as trade-secret.

PageRank is a query-independent technique for determining the importance of web pages by looking at the link structure of the web. PageRank treats a link from web page A to web page B as a "vote" by page A in favor of page B. The PageRank of a page is the sum of the PageRank of the pages that link to it.

The PageRank of a web page also depends on the importance (or PageRank) of the other web pages casting the votes. Votes cast by important web pages with high PageRank weigh more heavily and are more influential in deciding the PageRank of pages on the web.

Text-Matching Techniques

Our technology employs text-matching techniques that compare search queries with the content of web pages to help determine relevance. Our text-based scoring techniques do far more than count the number of times a search term appears on a web page.

For example, our technology determines the proximity of individual search terms to each other on a given web page, and prioritizes results that have the search terms near each other.

Many other aspects of a page's content are factored into the equation, as is the content of pages that link to the page in question. By combining query independent measures such as PageRank with our text-matching techniques, we are able to deliver search results that are relevant to what people are trying to find."

Is PageRank Important ?

First, the PR you see on your Google toolbar is only a representation of your page's true PageRank, which only Google really knows.

Second, based on our expertise, PageRank has nothing to do with how much traffic your site will get from the search engines, nor how well it will rank for the phrases that you target.

However, Pagerank of a web page determines how deep this web page will be crawled by Google

Web content, on the other hand, is one of the most important elements of your online performance. Furthermore, there are numerous other on-site and off-site factors that are incorporated in Google's ranking algorithm and are critical for effectife search engine optimisation.

Our advise to you would be not to bother with PageRank, but if you are interested in converting your web site into the one that sells, contact us on 1300 900 800 or via e-mail for a free consultation.

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