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"Keywords Meta Tag" - Commas or No Commas

Q. I noticed that I have no commas in my key words for Honeymooners Forever,
yet a lot of people have commas. Which is best for the meta tags? Comas or not?

"Keywords" meta tag has been devalued for a long time. In fact, Google pay no attention to it whatsoever. The reason being that too many people were trying to abuse search engines' guidelines via keywords.

"Commas or no commas?" is similar to "To Be or Not To Be?". There is no answer. Half of the industry says "commas", another half - "no commas".

I support the "no commas" stand. There is an opinion, that by using commas you are separating keywords from each other and missing on targeting key phrases.

For example in "bookkeeping, services, melbourne" you have three keywords. However, in "bookkeeping services melbourne" you have the same keywords, + "bookkeeping services" and "bookkeeping services melbourne" as key phrases.

But as I said, the importance of this tag is close to zero.


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