E-commerce – Upgrading Business or Wasting Money?

E-commerce tools and solutions may be a significant value-adding component to your online activities.

Appropriate use of e-commerce on your web site will allow you not only to better control and manage your business and to communicate faster and more efficiently with your customers, but also will considerably reduce your marketing and operational costs.

However, it’s not always necessary to have an e-commerce web site. If you are just beginning an online business, using an established online reseller (online mall or Web mall) may be a good alternative.

Considering that, bear in mind that usually a mall will have a number of limitations and restrictions and may charge you up to 15% of transaction value in addition to fixed monthly fees.

There Is No Limit – Don’t Forget About ROI

The easiest way to develop an e-commerce web site is to contract an IT specialist. In this case, the price may vary significantly depending on the scope of the project.

Alternatively, you can employ “ready-to-use” software widely available online.

When considering using “form-the-shelf” e-commerce applications, remember that it might be quite costly. You should allow for some start-up costs:

  • Purchasing necessary software
  • Establishing online merchant accounts, etc

As well as ongoing fixed costs:

  • Monthly Merchant Account Provider’s (MAP) fee
  • Appropriate and reliable web hosting, etc.

Your major concern, while thinking about developing an e-commerce web site should be:

“Am I going to get back the money I spend on my web site?”

Use only the tools and systems, which will clearly pay for themselves – either financially or in benefits to your business!

Selecting E-Commerce Tools

A simple “request for quotation” facility on your web site is a primary form of e-commerce.

The next step would be taking orders and, furthermore, processing orders online.

Large corporations would significantly benefit by having a complex e-commerce system that can allow electronic management of the entire supply chain and customer relationships.

The most common e-commerce arrangement for a merchant trader is a combination of a shopping cart system, product database and payment system.

Selecting appropriate e-commerce software is not an easy task. Each web application has to comply and integrate with the others, the easiest and cheapest solutions will not always correspond with your objectives, and your web host may not support the web platform or programming language that suits you the most, and so on.

Our E-commerce Expertise – Your Dividends

At Pro Internet Marketing, we do not develop software ourselves, but we have enough knowledge and professional expertise to be able to advise if you need an e-commerce web site, which e-commerce solutions would be beneficial for your operations and how to better integrate them into your business model.

We will also outsource the most appropriate “ready-to-use” e-commerce tools or subcontract an IT specialist on your behalf (at no extra charge) to develop customised e-commerce tools to meet your specific needs.

Contact us via e-mail or call on 61 3 9863 8377 to discuss which e-commerce solutions may be applicable for your web site.

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