Miracles Do Happen On the Internet

Queensland Forklifts is not a typical case. It's a true miracle. Online results that the company achieved in less than 6 months are phenomenal from both perspectives - search engine rankings and commercial success.

How It Started

It's been different from the very beginning. Usually it takes some time to close a deal (we have to discuss clients' online objectives, explain what we are going to do, negotiate terms, etc.), but not with Queensland Forklifts. We were introduced to the General Manager by an existing client, and the very next day our business proposal was signed.

When we first met Queensland Forklifts, they were a Melbourne-based company specialising in forklifts sales and rental.

At that time I didn't know that everyone (but the GM) was against the idea of investing any money into the web site. The reason being that the company had a web site for 2,5 years with no results. Not one enquiry came through the Internet. It was purely the GM's executive decision to re-build the site.

To cut the story short, we started working on the project in early November 2005 and released the site on the 28th of December, just in between Christmas and New Year.

Basically, we created a new web site - completely different design and layout, new search engine friendly code, sophisticated CSS, etc. We applied all necessary on-site and off-site SEO elements as we usually do.

First Online Sale In Less Than a Month

On the 4th of January 2006 (just a week after the site was launched!), we noticed that it was visited by all three majors - Google, MSN and Yahoo and on the 11th it appeared in Google's index.

On the 16th of January we had a call from the GM, who told me that the company just made its first sale from the Internet and no one there could believe it.

But in fact, online-generated sales haven't stopped since.

In two months Queensland Forklifts dominated its online niche being on the first page of search results for more than half of the key phrases that we monitor.

In February the company had 8 new customers (that came through the web site) and made over $40,000 in sales.

500% ROI in 5 Months

In March Queensland Forklifts opened regional branches in Sydney and Brisbane and engaged us for optimising the site for new location specific key phrases. So we did.

When the Monthly Monitoring Report was produced for May, we were thrilled by the results.

We monitor about 137 key phrases in the major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN, so we have 411 results in the report.

  • In 408 cases the site is listed on the first page!
  • In 384 cases it's within the top five results.
  • There are 272 #1 listings.

Such outstanding online performance has resulted in outstanding commercial success.

In May the company was receiving 10 - 12 genuine enquiries a week for both - sales and rentals.

There were 2 sales in Sydney and 6 sales in Melbourne generated directly from the web site. Online Income in May was over $86,000.

This is what Laurie Harper, Queensland Forklifts' General Manager had to say:

I thought you were building our new website, I discovered that you actually created a 24/7 sales rep pushing work our way Australia wide.

Search Engine Rankings

The table below is a fragment of our May's Monitoring Report and shows you Queensland Forklifts' ranking for some of the key phrases (out of 137 that we monitor) in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

It's a compilation of the most popular key phrases, not the highest ranked ones.

Key Phrase Google Yahoo MSN
forklifts sale Melbourne #1 #1 #1
forklifts sale Sydney #1 #1 #1
forklifts sale Brisbane #1 #1 #1
forklifts hire Melbourne #1 #1 #1
forklifts hire Sydney #2 #1 #1
forklifts hire Brisbane #4 #1 #1

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