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On this page we haven't compiled "best-of-the-best-of-the-best" online results that we've accomplished for our clients. In fact, some of these results weren't too difficult to get as the competition in the targeted online niche is fairly low.

We just want to demonstrate that top search engine rankings can be achieved in practically every industry and in a very competitive online environment.

Bear in mind, that we only are showing a selection of key phrases to demonstrate a variety of topics that we target.

We also would like to highlight that for every client we monitor the website performance on Google, Yahoo and Bing, so if we monitor 100 key phrases - they will produce 300 ranking results.

Business Money

Business Money (Australia) is a Melbourne based independent financial consulting company specialising in all types of business finance.

Online Performance - Summary - Business Money

No of monitored key phrases 82
No of monitored results in SE 246
Online Competition Very High (1.2 to 140 mln competing web pages)
First page listings 183
No 1 positions 62

Search Engine Rankings - Business Money - (June 2006)

Key Phrase Google Yahoo Bing
business money australia #1 #1 #1
acquisition financing australia #4 #1 #3
franchise funding australia #1 #1 #1
equity funding australia #1 #3 #1

Asian Pacific Serviced Offices

Asian Pacific Serviced Offices are the largest business centre with seven conveniently located buildings around Melbourne.

Online Performance - Summary - AP Business Centres

No of monitored key phrases 48
No of monitored results in SE 144
Online Competition High (0.2 to 4.8 mln competing web pages)
First page listings 76
No 1 positions 28

Search Engine Rankings - AP Business Centres - (October 2007)

Key Phrase Google Yahoo Bing
serviced offices melbourne #1 #4 #2
virtual offices melbourne #1 #4 #1
business centres melbourne #2 #2 #1

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